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Welcome to Cannon!

We design and manufacture customised technical solutions for the improvement of our clients productivity, matching leadership, innovation and service of a global technological partner with energy saving, ecology and environmental sustainability.

This site shows who we are and what we do: if you need further information about our products, please contact the appropriate Unit. When in doubt contact our web master.

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Our Profile

Cannon is an international, innovative, industrial Group supplying worldwide dedicated engineering solutions.

Our main fields of activity are Plastics Processing Technologies (for Polyurethanes and other reactive chemicals, Thermoforming, Composite Materials), Aluminium Die-casting machines, Equipment for Energy, Water Treatment & Ecology, Industrial Electronic Controls.

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Our Units

Cannon is present in more than 40 countries with Manufacturing Centers, Locations and Agents.

A strong local presence, with dedicated employees able to speak and to think as their fellows from the same country do, is one of the most important traits of the Cannon culture.

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Our Technologies

Cannon supplies Dedicated Industrial Solutions.

Our machines are conceived to provide reliable, consistent production of industrial goods, with a high degree of automation whenever this is feasible and with great attention to the ergonomic problems when manpower is involved.

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Polyurethane Equipment

A very wide range of equipment is available for the moulding process of Polyurethanes: dosing machines, mixing heads, mouldcarriers, turntables and carousels to hold them, ancillary dosing units for additives, blowing agents, fillers and colors, storage plants, premixing stations, finishing equipment.
Slabstock foams, destined to furniture, bedding and packaging applications, can be produced with Conventional plants, Maxfoam, Vertifoam and CarDio™ technology.

Cannon is a technological and market leader in this technology, with nearly five decades of experience, worldwide: Follow the Leader!


Thermoforming Machines

Cannon Forma manufactures thermoforming machines for industrial applications, handling systems, trimming and cutting devices, tooling for the thermoforming process and integrates them into turn-key production processes.

According to the needs in terms of production rate, automation degree, flexibility and process control, Cannon Forma offers the widest range of different machine concepts.


Composite Materials Processing

High-quality Composite Materials are manufactured using innovative Cannon Technologies.

Polyurethanes, Epoxy resins, adhesives can be applied on glass, carbon, aramid fibers or other supports, such as honeycombs or plastics sheets.

Turn-key plants are supplied complete of dosing Units, cutting devices, stacking systems, clamping presses, moulds, automatic handling systems for raw materials and finished parts.


Casting Processing Equipment

Cannon T.C.S. manufactures a broad range of Aluminium die-casting units and ancillary equipment.

The patented RotorOne machine is commonly rated as the best available production tool for small- and medium-sized electric motors.

The vertical Rotorcast injection systems guarantee high quality casting and low energy consumption to the manufacturers of large- and medium-sized "squirrel-cage" electric motors and of automotive parts.


Moulds for Plastics

Foaming and thermoforming moulds for refrigerators and automotive applications can be supplied by a unique producer, simplifying the customer's project management and guaranteeing optimum results.

More than four decades of experience in Polyurethanes and Thermoforming processes ensure a high degree of reliability in the design and construction of these tools, a fundamental element for the successful production of quality parts.


Energy Production & Recovery

Bono Energia is the main Italian producer of thermal fluid heaters and industrial boilers.

Production is located in three plants. Design, construction and testing are carried out according to the most qualified international standards: PED, ASME, EN, DIN, R.I.Na., A.B.S. SQLO.

Bono Energia is currently committed to make economic and high efficiency boilers. Its products are fully compatible with a sustainable development of industrial activities with regard to environmental issues.


Water Treatment Plants

Dedicated equipment and systems are designed and manufactured by Bono Artes for Process and Waste Water treatments, such as water preparation, desalination, demineralisation, deaeration and softening of industrial waters.

The main fields of application are boiler-feed, paper mills, textile and steel industries, oil and gas, production of beverages, foodstuff and pharmaceutical products, biologic and chemical-physical treatments for waste waters.


Ecology & Environmental Projects

Bono Sistemi develops chemical and environmental engineering solutions for specific industrial needs, for projects financed by the United Nations' Organizations - in compliance with the "Sustainable Development" programs and for the substitution of the Ozone Depleting Substances (according to the Montreal Protocol recommendations) or for the application of the Kyoto Protocol on the "green house effect gases" global reduction.

Working in strict co-operation with Bono Energia and Bono Artes it supplies turnk-key solutions for environment-protection projects and co-generation plants.


Industrial Electronics

The Automata Division produces industrial electronics controls in Italy and Germany.
Dedicated solutions, inclusive of hardware and software components, are supplied to a wide range of industries.

Automata is a 360° partner for industrial application. Not only standard products, but complete support of project analysis, hardware and software integration and design of new solutions - according to its customer's requirements.



The Cannon Companies regularly present the results of their R&D work to the International Congresses and Technical Seminars dealing with their technologies and markets.

This continuing R&D effort has generated new tools and industrial manufacturing methods which combine favorable economics, high productivity and respect for the environment.

This is a collection of these Papers (*), in PDF format.

(*) All content rights are reserved.



Cannon strongly believes in direct contact with its customers, partners and co-players.

Several events - Fairs, Seminars, Conferences - are attended every year in several Countries.
Check the list of the next events and come see us.

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Fresh News

At Cannon we do not spend much money in advertising pages: we prefer to keep you regularly updated with informative Technical and Marketing News, released through the printed and the on-line trade publications.

This is a collection of the latest Press Releases, issued in the past twelve months. Feel free to contact the nearest Cannon Office for more details and further information!


Cannon News

The Group's House Organ - Cannon News - has been regularly published for more than thirty five years. Its pages have broadcast, in several languages and formats, technical innovation, industrial manufacturing efficiency, respect for the environment. At Cannon we are not afraid of showing our latest developments and the details of our products, in spite of the increasing number of cheap imitators: the more you know about us, the easier we can talk and make - both of us - a good deal.
From this page you can download, or read on line browsing its pages, the latest edition of Cannon News in various languages. Please contact the nearest Cannon Office for more details and further information!



In this section of the website you can find the Cannon News articles released more than twelve months ago, should you need to recover some "Old News".

The content of all our News can be easily searched using the Search tool, on the upper right end side of this site.



The Cannon Poster Calendar - published since 1994 - portrays with humor the development of the Plastics Industry in the centuries and gives the opportunity to make a virtual tour of the most significant corners of our World.

It has become soon a "must have" throughout the Polyurethanes industry - quickly gaining appreciation in other fields of the business - and the collectors are numerous by now.

You can browse the complete collection here: read the attached descriptions if you want to understand the finest details!



We offer you the vision of a number of Technical and Corporate videoclips. If you want to know more, please contact us!



Our Job Opportunities are opened for all the people who are motivated and enthusiastic, flexible and effective, capable of tackling a project and seeing it through.

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