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Orders Revamping

an existing plant? We can do it for you!

When confronted with the decision of revamping an existing foaming plant of investing in a new one, a PUR part manufacturer is always debated between the vision of a potential saving and the certainty of a lot of headaches. Cannon can help. Many years of experience in installation and re-location of important manufacturing plants allowed Cannon to help several customers in saving significant amounts of money AND avoiding a lot of troubles when revamping their existing equipment. An example comes from a well-known German foamer that had to start, in a very tight schedule, a foaming plant in China.

Cannon Deutschland was requested, at the beginning of 2011, to quote for the reconstruction and installation of a complete foaming line for automotive seats. The client was a well-known German foamer specialising in all sorts of automotive interior's parts that, thanks to extensive experience and availability of internal skilled resources, also used to build in-house part of their own foaming equipment. But an urgent project occurred in the middle of an already very busy season, and their internal resources simply could not make it in the requested time. An existing foaming plant – built by Cannon Tecnos several years before – was sitting idle in a Polish factory, and the project involved the refurbishing of 21 double mould carriers running on an oval track, the modification of the chemical's dosing unit, the replacement of the mixing heads and of the relevant robots, plus the installation of a new control system with all relevant electronics and software. The whole refurbished pack was destined to a new foaming site in China, where it was supposed to start production by the end of October of the same year. The proposed quotation was accepted by the customer, and numerous trucks unloaded a few weeks later the whole plant in Cannon Tecnos premises near Milan, Italy. To make a long story short, the 21 individually-driven, motorized presses were completely refurbished and modernised, replacing all worn-out elements, motors, temperature conditioning units and air bags operating the lower platen's parallel stroke. The dosing unit was completely disassembled, cleaned and transformed in a 6-component version with double pumping groups, able to meter 4 Polyols and 2 Isocyanates by means of 2 new Cannon AX 18 heads held by 2 new robots. A new, complex wireless control was put in place to send signals from the central Siemens computer to the individual presses, that are able to perform all their movements independently from the track's geometry and from the other presses. A dedicated area, at one track's end, allows for the mould change operation without interfering with the production cycle.

XXL Thermoformer for Aeolics in Scandinavia

Gibo Plast A/S is the leading player in the vacuum moulding sector in Europe’s Nordic region. Since 1962 the company has been supplying high-quality products to a wide range of sectors. Their impressive manufacturing capacity - they operate with at least 22 vacuum moulding machines of all brands and types - allows Gibo Plast to produce technical plastic units in all sizes: everything from tiny components to giant parts measuring - now - up to 4,200x2,500x900 mm!

Gibo Plast specialise in three moulding methods: Vacuum moulding, high pressure and Twin Sheet, and produces parts for the wind turbine and automotive industries, for refrigerator and deep-freezer trade, for cabinets and technical articles for the lighting sector, the medical and other applications

Gibo Plast A/S has recently invested in a very flexible Cannon Forma series CREA 4225. The investment has been done in order to produce parts to the wind turbine industry, mainly parts as internal covers, transport covers and drip trays, made in plastic sheets of ABS, HD-PE and PC. The machine - the largest thermoformer operating in northern Europe, handling plastic sheets up to 4,200x2,500mm - is one of the largest units built by the Thermoforming Division of Cannon. The delivery took place in March, 2012.

This very flexible thermoformer features automatic adjustable reduction plate system (Cannon patent) for faster and precisely repetitive set-up, and a clamp frame. All the main movements and adjustments are done by brushless motors, for longer life and more precise regulation.

This Team installed a refurbished foaming plant in China in a very short time!

The line was shipped to China and mounted in a new factory, starting the installation by mid May. A team of German and Chinese technicians, under the supervision of Davide Galoppo of Cannon Tecnos and of a German process specialist on behalf of the customer, made a real good job: the line was foam-tested by early September and went in operation by the end of October, as requested. The complete supply of seats and backs for the BMW Series 5, assembled nearby, is guaranteed by this (now new!) foaming plant, able to equip 250 cars per 8-hour shift. The line provides the highest flexibility for any desired production mix, and - should the market require more seats - it can be extended further, for the addition of new presses, in a matter of very few weeks. The customer recovered an existing good foaming line and had it in production, in an even better execution, in a very short time on the other side of the World. All this at a fraction of the cost of a new one!

We did it for them: why couldn't we do it for you as well?

Testo nero Testo

The new CREA 4225 Cannon thermoformer for GiBo Plast A/S allows for the production of modular parts for aeolic nacelles as large as 4,200 x 2,500 x 900 mm !

Continuous panel laminators: repeating orders from satisfied customers!

Repeating orders from satisfied customers, that’s the dream of any manufacturer! Continuous foaming laminators for the production of PUR-PIR insulated sandwich panels are not sold every other day, therefore when an existing customer comes back with the request of the third complete plant in less than seven years, the fact is worth a note on the Cannon News.

At Lissant, the largest producer of sandwich panels in Russia, Cannon is now in the final testing phase of its third complete line for the manufacture of metal-faced, PUR/PIR-filled building panels. This 180-meter long plant operates in Nevinominsk, Stavropol Region, and - as for its two predecessors - it features a complete Cannon technology from the decoiling and metal profiling section up to the panel’s packing station.

Thanks for the loyalty, Messr. Lissant!


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