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Produced by: Cannon Communication Via Resistenza, 12 Peschiera Borromeo (Mi - Italy)

Published by: Afros S.p.A. Via Q. Sella, 3 Milano (Italy)

Editor: Max Taverna Edition: 04/2012

Welcome to UTECH 201 2!

The Cannon Group present at the 11th edition of the Utech Conference their latest technological developments in the field of Polyurethane and Composites processing: • High and Low-Pressure Polyurethane Mixing Heads & Dosing Units: advanced solutions for general purpose foams up to specialised applications such as filled and reinforced formulations, multi-component and multi-hardness foaming, micro-shots, high- outputs, spray, cavity filling, pipe insulation, gasketing and potting.

• The new Vacuum-based foaming technology, Cannon V.A.I. (Vacuum Assisted Injection), a major achievement in the field of domestic refrigerators, used in combination with the PASCAL™ PUR chemical system developed by Dow Europe.

• The Cannon JL mixing head, whose design significantly innovates the PUR mixing method and brings important operational advantages: a more laminar flow, higher output and no injectors to calibrate and operate. The Cannon JL enhances the foaming performances of several blowing agents currently used in production (hydrocarbons, HFC 245fa, Methyl Formate, Carbon Dioxide, etc.). This mixing head meets the expectations of the world largest manufacturers of domestic refrigerators and already found a place in their most modern production lines.

Cannon: integrated high-productivity solutions

We all know it: every decent cook can put together a meal, but you need an experienced chef to build a smart menu. It's the details that make the difference. It's the balance of calories, proteins, vitamins, flavours, tastes, consistence of the various components, their look and the final presentation.

All senses must be satisfied, all details must be cared of. The same - if you pardon the analogy - goes for the supply of technologies.

Every decent shop can put together one machine that will work, and probably for a very reasonable price. But when you are confronted with a major project, involving at the same time high productivity, a quality product, contained costs, safety for your workers and respect for your environment, you feel the need for a chef. Knowing the various ingredients that you use - your raw materials - and the different ways to process them helps in suggesting you the best equipment and methods to transform a bag of plastics into an award-winning finished part.

Knowing a lot about several aspects of your business helps in understanding your precise priorities.

Knowing what your competitors are doing (tomorrow!) on the other side of the World helps in suggesting you how to face a long-term industrial project.

Knowing how important it is for you the presence of a local helping hand, able to speak fluently with your plant manager and his assistants, helps when you are in troubled waters.

Knowing that the chef has been there for more than four decades - and his customers keep coming to his place, because the food is good and the bill is fair - helps you in making your decisions.

• The complete range of products designed for ESTRIM, Cannon high pressure injection technology for fast production of moulded Epoxy composite parts: E-System dosing units, LN 7/3 mixing head, dedicated preformers for Glass and Carbon fibre preforms, large presses and mouldcarriers, robots and ancillary equipment for the part's handling. This innovative solution successfully replaces the slow RTM process in the production of large structural and decorative elements for the automotive and the transportation industries.

• Equipment for the production of Composite parts (large decorative ceramic tiles, plastic manholes and other accessories) for the road, railway and construction fields.

• Dedicated solutions for the Eolic industry: the range of Cannon DX machines for low pressure infusion of Epoxy resins, plus several other machines for the power generation industry.

• Complete plants for the production of flexible and rigid Slabstock foams, including modern high-pressure mixing solutions, with metering and dispensing equipment for alternative blowing agents.

• Technologies for the thermal insulation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings: a wide range of proven, reliable, economically and technologically advanced solutions based on discontinuous and continuous methods for the production of insulated boards, sandwich panels, insulated window frames, sectional garage doors, pipes and other insulating elements.

• The range of Cannon solutions dedicated to the Automotive and transportation industries, in particular for flexible seats and car interior parts.

In line with its tradition of diffusing specialised information, Cannon presents at this Utech Conference edition three technical papers:

• “Developments in Processing Equipment and Techniques” • “Innovative Method for the Production of Structural Elements for the Construction Industry”

• “Vacuum-Assisted Injection Technology for Refrigerator Production”

You Are Welcome, at Cannon!


Welcome to the Cannon place: talking of Polyurethanes, we know how to process them the way you need. Five decades of experience in Polyurethane moulding – Cannon Afros will celebrate them very soon! – and in Slabstock technology – Cannon Viking has been in this business since 1958 – mean something to those who pay the due respect to experience and history. Thirty years of activity with dedicated Divisions providing specific solutions for the Automotive, Refrigeration, Furniture and Construction industries mean something to those who care for dealing with a technical specialist rather than with a generic salesperson. A deep knowledge of all the technologies involving low- and high pressure process of reactive materials – Urethanes, Epoxies, Silicones, DCPD, Nylon RIM, Phenolics, etc. – with any kind of filler and reinforcement, compression moulding process of thermosetting and thermoplastic pure and reinforced resins, thermoforming process of plastics and fibre reinforcements, precise handling and manipulation of large moulded components and of their unstable preliminary sub-assemblies, all this means something to processors searching for dedicated high-productivity solutions.

Throw in the fact that we do this with our own people, in the whole World, exchanging experiences and sharing tasks, thinking globally and acting locally. Cannon is your reliable partner for the Polyurethanes, Composites and specialty plastics process. We would like to talk with you about your next project concerning the thing we know best: your success and your satisfaction, without which we would not be here after half century of passionate work.

Welcome to Cannon. We Know How.

A new company, to serve you better we have

Fresh News from Cannon: a new Engineering Division has been created to focus on your needs and serve you better. During the next few months the new born Cannon Ergos Division will grow around the human resources and technological experiences matured in four existing Group Units which provide since many years dedicated turn-key plants: Crios (plants for refrigerator and thermal insulation industry), Forma (industrial thermoformers), T.C.S. (compression moulding presses for Composites and Aluminium Die-casting) and Tecnos (plants for the transportation industry).

Alberto Zarantonello, General Manager of Cannon Ergos, explains the reasons of this important organisational move. «The industrial world is changing quickly. Our customers are living a geographical revolution. Internet and modern communications dictate new timing for our interaction. Modern designing and fast- prototyping technologies have cut the time-to-market of the new projects dramatically. We must be ready for further evolutions in these directions. The current industrial structure of the Cannon Group has to be tuned to better fit the new scenario.

We must streamline our communication with the market, provide faster response and make a better use of the invaluable human potential that we have accumulated in different corners of our organisation. We can focus much better on our customer's needs by integrating resources of R&D, industrial engineering, manufacturing, sales and finance into an integrated, new, structured Unit.

Our customer will benefit from this move, because we will increase our competitivity, our problem-solving attitude and the availability of experts for a prompt response. More competent brains will be dedicated to the resolution of a complex problem. »

teamed up... Cannon Ergos YOUR ENGINEERING COMPANY

Plastics Engineering Division


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