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More freedom for the largest wind blades!


A new three-component version of the Cannon DX series is now available.
It allows for more freedom and flexibility in the process of repairing the defective aeolic blades made with resin infusion process,  utilised to inject Epoxy resin formulations in the wind propellers. 
pict1web.jpgThe Cannon DX is a compact, transportable, very precise dosing unit for Epoxy resin VARTM (Vacuum Resin Transfer Moulding). Conceived specifically for the infusion of resins in large moulds – aeolic blades and other similar huge parts – this machine is available today in a range of models that includes three output levels (15, 35 and 80 kg/minute) and two configurations.
The smaller unit – Cannon DX 15/3 – is now available in a new three-component dosing configuration. Featuring a third feeding line, allowing for the use of a second hardener, this compact machine allows for the fast switch from a slower to a faster reacting formulation when applying small quantities of resin in repaired areas.
The conventional two-component versions  – Cannon DX 35 and DX 80 – are offered in a proven industrial configuration, suitable for the infusion of the world largest wind blades and characterised by a closed-loop control of total output and ratio.
The Cannon DX series features:
  • Small dimensions, with a single frame equipped with pivoting wheels to easily move the machine close to the mould. The unit is designed to be directly attached to chemical’ storages like IBCs or drums.
  • A programmable electronic control allows for very flexible planning of the production, with dedicated infusion programs storable for each mould/product.
  • Inverters to control the pumps’ motors speed: the machine can work within a wide range of mixing ratios.
  • Closed-loop control of component’s output and ratio to guarantee a continuous control over the flow of liquid resins into the vacuumed moulds and an accurate mixing ratio, which is fundamental to avoid emissions of non-reacted chemicals in the working area.
  • Recirculation circuit on both components line to reach the set parameters before starting the pouring, for an even quality of polymerised resin across the whole blade.
  • A static mixer equipped with disposable mixing elements is attached to a dedicated mixing head block.
  • Dedicated flushing program to flush the mixing head with the resin between two subsequent shots.
  • Stainless steel circuit for the hardener.
  • Wireless remote control, based on radiofrequency, which allows the operator to control the four main operating functions (injection start and stop, output increase and decrease) when he is surveying the mould, very far away from the dosing machine.
  • Modem for Remote Service which allows one of the numerous Cannon Service Centres in the world to connect to the machine installed at the customer’ site to know its status when an alarm or a malfunction occurs, to search for programming errors in the PLC software, to upload software updates.
  • An efficient data collection system, Cannon MDLink, to collect, shot by shot, the main working parameters and alarms of the machine. Data are stored in a flash memory card.
Above: The assembly line of the two-components Cannon DX 80 for Epoxy resin infusion in aeolic blades
International positive acceptance
Numerous Cannon DX machines are today in production in Europe, China, United States, Brazil and India, installed in the production sites of the major manufacturers of aeolic blades. The range of available Cannon equipment and solutions for this industry grows steadily, with the development and launch of new models and accessories.
Above: The Cannon DX 15/3 is now available in a new three-component dosing configuration. A static mixer equipped with disposable mixing elements is attached to a dedicated mixing head block.
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