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Service & Spare Parts

The Cannon Customer Service  puts a strong emphasis to the service supplied to their customers before and after the sale of any single product.

  • Customer Care
  • After Sales Technical Service
  • After Sales Spare Parts Service
  • Reconditioning and Refurbishing Service
  • Technological and Technical Training - Courses

Customer Care

Cannon Customer Care guarantees a common service support to all Cannon Agencies and to their customers. All Cannon Agencies groups work in coordination with the central Cannon Customer Service.

With the set target of supporting their customers - in order to be competitive on the international markets, maintaining an efficient productive activity (men, machines and processes) - the Customer Care,  is able to guarantee   all over the World:

  • similar organizations inside each agency
  • common work tools 
  • a common technical data bank 
  • efficient and similar worldwide services
  • exchange of information among agencies
  • a fast and easy communication

After Sales Global Technical Service

All Cannon local Units guarantee a dedicated After Sales Technical Service. All Agencies work in coordination with the central Cannon Customer Care.

In addition to the normal service activities (installation, start-up and testing) Cannon grants a professional After Sales Technical Service all over the world with:

  • Additional service and warranties
  • Customized services
  • Technological and technical support
  • Training of the customer's personnel for a better use of the equipment related to the production system
  • Repairs, modifications or machine updates to more advanced technologies
  • Programmed service maintenances
  • Control, calibration and certification of the machine critical instruments with relevant certification.

After Sales Global Spare Parts Service

Cannon Spare Parts Service mission is to provide in real time each Cannon agencies and their customers any information about prices and availability of spare parts at Cannon stock at any time of the day. This service has been made possible thanks to an advanced hardware and software support running 24 hours a day. The spare parts request coming from agencies can usually be defined within 24 hours.

Further services:

  • Spare parts list for each serial number
  • Customized spare parts list for each type of machine and application
  • Telephone support to identify the defective part
  • Automatic answering machine
  • Offers and promotions of spare parts in order to facilitate the replacement of obsolete components or worn parts.

All Cannon subsidiaries, all over the world, usually manage a consistent spare parts stock according to the number and the types of machines sold in their area.

Reconditioning and Refurbishing Service

After Sales Global Service provides a complete revision/repair/upgrading service of the existing machines.

This service includes:

  • Cost estimation for parts repair
  • Offers and promotions of spare parts in order to facilitate the replacement of obsolete components or worn parts
  • Evaluations, Offers and Proposal to replace at special price the part/equipment that should be repaired with a new and up to date one

Technological and Technical Training - Courses

Cannon regularly organize Technical Training Courses for all customers who need to train new employees or to keep updated those technicians who have already an experience with the use of Polyurethane machines and systems.

The training courses are available in different modules:

  • Basic courses dedicated to those technicians who need to be trained on the basic criteria of the use and maintenance of
  • Polyurethane machines (mixing heads, pumps and stream distributors maintenance are the main arguments) 
  • Advanced courses dedicated to the machines supervisors who need to be updated on the machine controls and the general aspects of a production following the main quality standards
  • Courses on applicable Safety Standards for the machines and turn-key systems. The course is particularly useful for those customers who are in need to use inflammable blowing agents or have to modify/retrofit existing equipment
  • Customized and specific courses for those customers who need to train a significant number of employees on a clearly identified number of subjects.



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