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Epoxy Infusion - Dx Machines

Cannon_Epoxy_Machine.jpgThe Cannon Epoxy infusion machines - Cannon Dx series - are compact, transportable, fully-electric dosing units equipped with closed-loop control of output and ratio. This guarantees a continuous  control over the injection of  these liquid resins in the vacuumised moulds that contain various layers of  glass mat: the operation can last for 2-3 hours, and the flow of material varies according to the level of  filling achieved.

A medium-output beginning phase is followed by a progressively reduction of flow, due to the resistance and friction created in the mould - as well as the wetting of  the mass of  reinforcement.
The need of  filling the most extreme portion of the long blades with the same proportion of  resin over the reinforcement raises the problem of a continuous change of  injection rate, thus the necessity of  a closed-loop control of  the output of both components: keeping a precise mixing ratio is a fundamental precaution to avoid emissions of  non-reacted chemicals at the end of  the process.

The most common models of Cannon machines for Epoxies are able to dose from 5 up to 80 kg/min of resins working in a range of  mixing ratios, using a long static mixer attached to a dedicated mixing head.

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